Industry Leading Retail Flooring

The R-Tile retail flooring range has been designed and engineered to offer the best possible flooring solution for the heavy duty high traffic environment.

Design Tile Collection

Perfect for larger supermarkets and larger areas

Urban Tile Collection

This Collection can be used in both retail stores and larger supermarkets

R-Tile Range

A flooring solution designed for back of house and storage rooms

Our Most Popular Flooring

We offer a large range of finishes and designs but these are just some of our more popular selling items

Standard Collection – R-Tile textured Dovetail

Design Collection – ShaleStone

Urban Collection – Concrete Grey

Our commitment to staying green

All materials utilised to produce the R-Tile product range are REACH compliant. 

The R-Tile product range are rated A+ according to BREEM standards. 

R-Tek also operates strictly in accordance with environmental standards ISO 14001-2004 whereby all waste is 100% recycled and includes all reject tiles etc. which are granulated and reprocessed back to produce new tiles.

A word from one of our clients

We introduced the R-Tile into our stores over 5 years ago now and we haven’t looked back. Its versatility and quick and easy install and maintenance have made it a dream for our staff. We are able to keep stores open during install meaning less downtime and loss of revenue.

We will continue to use the R-Tile collections across our larger and smaller stores to help maintain consistency within all of our stores across the UK and Ireland.

Paul Morrow – Tesco Head of operations England

What makes R-Tile retail flooring unique?

Find out what sets us apart from other traditional retail flooring solutions such as carpet, tile, and vinyl.

The effect our retail flooring can have..

Quick & Easy Install

A quick and easy install means time and money are saved by our clients. In business time is money.

Cleaning and maintenance

Expert engineering means a durable easy to clean surface.

Design and choice

We have worked hard to design the perfect retail flooring solution with a large range of choices and finshes.

Our Clients

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