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We have ranges that cover everything from large shopping centres to small service stations

An interlocking flooring system with a seamless look

This is our new and latest range offering a modern clean finish perfect for any store. Just like our other ranges it offers quick and easy install to help with saving cost and time.

The cleaning and maintenance properties make it quick and easy for the tiles to be cleaned. The interlocking system mean any tiles that need replaced can be exchanged easily.

The Urban Tile has now been installed in retail stores around the world standing up to the high traffic and heavy duty environments.

Concrete Brown

The Urban Tile is a heterogeneous, 100% recycled PVC, heavy-duty interlocking 6.5mm tile. This robust tile is suitable for heavy-duty interlocking 6.5mm tile.

The commercial classification is 34 and Industrial 43. The Urban Tile is suitable for wheeled traffic up to 1200kg and can be quickly installed over poor subfloors, making this tile the perfect flooring for renovation projects.

Urban Tile Range

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We have worked with the largest brands around the world on creating the perfect retail flooring solution using the Urban Tile

Urban Tile Range & Installation Guidelines video

Our commitment to economical products

The R-Tek range of tiles are environmentally friendly, once they have reached the end of their useful life, we can collect the tiles and recycle them to produce the next generation of R-Tile.

There is also no wastage in the manufacture of R-Tiles as any rejected tiles and surplus material is recycled on site.

Technical Information

The Technical Data PDF

This table offers all of the technical specifications for the R-Tile Urban Collection showing that it meets all industry standard required.

Characteristics & Measurements

Industry certifications

The Urban Tile comes with full industry standard certifications meeting all requirements for commercial use in all retail environments.

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