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The Design Tile offers the ability to lay 200M2 with 3 fitters in one day. This will save the business both time and money when it comes to store closures and disruption.

With the Design Tile collection being used by the likes of Amazon and Tesco as a choice for their stores and offices it is a clear winner when it comes to quality durable flooring.

Design and versatility was another key aspect when we looked at developing the collection. Not only do we have both wood and stone designs but these can be combined and custom fitted for a unique look. We have found certain stores and brands use stone and wood collections to differentiate areas in a store for example doing the off sales in wood.

With a robust Matte PU layer combined with our robust industry-leading hidden interlock the Design Tile is perfect for high traffic retail areas.

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We have worked with the largest brands around the world on creating the perfect retail flooring solution using the Design Tile

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Our Green Commitment

The R-Tek range of tiles are environmentally friendly, once they have reached the end of their useful life, we can collect the tiles and recycle them to produce the next generation of R-Tile.

There is also no wastage in the manufacture of R-Tiles as any rejected tiles and surplus material is recycled on site.

Technical Information

The Technical Data PDF

This table offers all of the technical specifications for the R-Tile showing that it meets all industry standard required.

Characteristics & Measurements

Shalestone – 52342

The Design Tile comes with full industry standard certifications meeting all requirements for commercial use in all retail environments.

View the full list of product details that makes the Design Tile the perfect LVT flooring solution for your project.

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Design Tile ramp and edge options

R-Tek offer a range of ramp and edge options as shown in this section. For more details contact our sales team now.

Aluminum Ramp Edge
T600 Ramp Edge / Divider
R-Tek Ramp Edge – Before
R-Tek Ramp Edge – After
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