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The perfect back of house and warehouse solution

The R-Tile is now being used by some of the largest brands around the world including Amazon, Tesco, Lidl to name but a few. Its excellent flexibility means that it can be used in a host of different scenarios, large storage warehouses, back of house in retail stores, and delivery depots.

The R-Tile is offered in a range of colours to help clients mark out certain areas or even to match their brand colours, image and branding are everything to companies in the current business world.

R-Tile Textured Dark Grey

The R-Tile back of house and warehouse flooring offers quick and easy install and even easier cleaning and maintenance.

What makes the R-Tile something perfect for back of house and warehouse projects?

The R-Tile was designed and engineered with high traffic and areas using small vehicles such as pallet trucks and forklifts in mind. The robust interlock means that it can take heavy weight and high foot traffic with ease.


  • Quick and easy install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Easy to move and reuse
  • CE accredited
  • Excellent durability and slip resistance
  • Warm – insulates the floor
  • Fire retardant – Bfl S1
  • Reduces fatigue
R-Tile Textured Dark Grey

Install Gallery

We have worked with the largest brands around the world on creating the perfect retail flooring solution using the R-Tile collections

Technical Information

This table offers all of the technical specifications for the R-Tile showing that it meets all industry standard required.

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